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Recent postings
This is an area for a copy of postings made since the last copy here. This will be done each evening and cover posts made during the day. This topic also holds a historical record of all posts, organised most recent post first. You can use your browser search facility to find a word or name in any of the posts made since we started. A copy of the posts over the previous 24 hours is emailed to all members who don't opt out of it, and members can be emailed a copy of each post when it is made if they request to be added to that service.
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General Discussion
A category for general discussion
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My Info - Member Profiles
Please introduce yourself to the forum (optional)
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Free Ads
A place to advertise items you would like to sell or give away to fellow Thanetlifers. If sending a picture please make it small (less than 50 KB if possible). For images send an email to with the name of the file as the subject and include the file itself as an attachment. This will automatically get uploaded to which is the place you should link to when you create your post, so the bit between the [url][/url] should be like Or just use the Imgur facility to get your picture link.
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Social Groups and Community Events
A space for groups who get together regularly to chat and also organise trips out and about, dinners, lunches etc.
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Community Area
A category for topics related to community groups
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Tradespersons and people offering services
An area for recommendations for tradespersons and people offering services
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Missing Pets
Urgent requests for missing pets
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Things to do
category for suggestions and bug reports
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Tips and Links
A place to put in interesting links and tips you want to share with other members.
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Getting started
Some pointers for using the system
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Rules and Etiquette
Rules for using this forum
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Username NOT email address!

Link to the Thanetlife Events Calendar
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