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Recent postings
This is an area for a copy of postings made since the last copy here. This will be done each evening and cover posts made during the day. This topic also holds a historical record of all posts, organised most recent post first. You can use your browser search facility to find a word or name in any of the posts made since we started.
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General Discussion
A category for general discussion
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My Info
Please introduce yourself to the forum (optional)
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Free Ads
A place to advertise items you would like to give away to fellow Thanetlifers. If sending a picture please make it small (less than 50 KB if possible)
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Social Groups and Community Events
A space for groups who get together regularly to chat and also organise trips out and about, dinners, lunches etc.
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Community Area
A category for topics related to community groups
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An area for recommendations for tradespersons
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Missing Pets
Urgent requests for missing pets
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Things to do
category for suggestions and bug reports
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Tips and Links
A place to put in interesting links and tips you want to share with other members.
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Getting started
Some pointers for using the system
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Security Issues
Chat here about security issues in the forum
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Username NOT email address!

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